The Dragonfly Teahouse/Gazebo

The Dragonfly Gazebo was built to last for generations and constructed with a conservation ethic. Inspired by traditional post and beam framing, using mortise and tenon joinery, the Dragonfly Gazebo also draws slightly from the Japanese style creating a powerful combination of robust elegance.

This gazebo creates a uniquely beautiful space for contemplation or lively conversation among friends.

In a garden, by a pond, under a canopy of old-growth, or amongst a field of flowers, the Dragonfly Gazebo provides a unique experience for its guests. Whether at a wine tasting, sipping tea while reading your favorite novel, or doing your morning yoga while the sun rises over the Siskiyou Mountains, the Dragonfly Gazebo is the perfect space.

Sourcing from southern Oregon and northern California, the Dragonfly is built largely of reclaimed timbers from the demolition of the Klamath Falls and McCloud mills, and sustainably harvested local timber.

Both the Klamath Falls and McCloud mills were built nearly 100 years ago from large old growth trees. With tight dense grain, the deep rich color of these re-sawn timbers reveals a quality of wood largely unavailable today. Many of the posts and beams reflect their rustic past with original peg and nail holes.

Only high quality materials were sourced. All wood was finished using the highest quality non-toxic product available from Heritage Natural Finishes.

Hardware was hand crafted by the Siskiyou Forge and Wild West Hardware.


  • Posts and Beams are re-sawn timbers from the demolished Circle D.E. Sawmill, in Klamath Falls (built in 1926).
  • Roof boards are from the demolished McCloud Timber Mill.
  • Floor and wall boards are old-growth Sugar Pine salvaged from a fallen tree on private property in the Applegate Valley in 1989.
  • Cedar decking and window sashes are from an ecological restoration project on private property in the Williams Watershed.
  • The dragonfly and door hinges were handcrafted by Siskiyou Forge.
  • Door latches were handcrafted by Wild West Hardware.
  • The high quality wood finish is all natural, non-toxic, low VOC oils. No petroleum products or heavy metal dryers are used. They are handmade by Heritage Natural Finishes.
  • Deck and floor joists are conventional lumber from Fields Hardware.